Personal Injury

If you have ever been hurt in an accident you know how seriously it can impact your life; medical bills, difficulty doing everyday tasks, and insurance companies that offer low-ball “take it or leave it”  offers.  You have a life to lead, get back on your feet while Northland Legal Solutions fights to get you the best award possible!


What can Northland Legal Solutions do you for if you have been injured?

1) Get your case in order.  Personal Injury cases are complicated.  Hundreds of pages of medical, insurance, and accident reports must be collected, evaluated, and organized to make your case.  This is time consuming, let Northland Legal Solutions do the work for you so you can focus on your already busy life.

2) Negotiate with Insurance Companies.  Dealing with Insurance Adjusters can be frustrating and seem like they do not want to give you a fair deal.  I have three years of experience working extensively on Personal Injury cases of all kinds, let my experience work for you!

3) Make sure all your medical bills are found and accounted for.  It is essential that all the medical bills associated with your accident are paid for in any settlement you accept or you may end up owing Hospitals and Insurance Companies.  Tracking down all of these bills is time consuming and can present unique challenges.  Make sure everything is taken care of so that when you can rest easy knowing you will not end up with unpaid bills.

4) No risk to you.  I do not get paid unless you do.  All of the Personal Injury cases I accept on are on a contingency basis.  This means you don’t pay me anything unless I am able to get you an award.  It’s that simple.


Still have questions or concerns?  Call me, whether it takes 10 minutes or an hour, all of my consultations are completely free.