Criminal Defense

Getting arrested/charged with a crime can be very scary.  But, what comes next?


1) Its true, you really NEED to speak with a lawyer.  The legal system is very complicated and people who try and navigate it alone can make some very big mistakes.  Give yourself as much help in this process as possible, call a lawyer (even if its not me) it WILL benefit you.


2) Shop around.  You have decided you need a lawyer, great.  Treat it like any other major purchase and shop around.  My rates are competitive and I am always willing to work with you on payment options.


3) Remember, no lawyer can guarantee you a result in your case.  Criminal matters are uncertain things, but having an experienced guide through the process can help you know what to expect and make sure that you get your “day in court.”


There are two sides to every story, make sure the Court knows yours.


All consultations are completely free.  Call me at 207-530-0102 with any questions, to discuss fees, or find out what Northland Legal Solutions can do for you!