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Pre-existing injuries and personal injury cases

Consider this:

You were involved in an automobile accident a few months ago.  You were taken to the hospital, treated for whiplash and neck pain, then discharged later that day.  Later, you saw your PCP a few times, and have been seen by a Physical Therapist once a week for 5 weeks to reduce the pain in your neck and improve your range of motion.

One day you receive a phone call from an insurance adjuster for the person who hit you.  They make a very small offer to settle your case that doesn’t cover all of your medical expenses and fails to leave you with just compensation.  The reason?  They noticed on your medical reports that you had a been to a chiropractor 5 years before the accident seeking relief from “neck and shoulder stiffness.”

After they express their sorrow that their insured ran into you, they state that the neck pain and stiffness that you have been treating for since the accident is really just a result of your “pre-existing injury” as shown by the chiropractic treatment that you received 5 years ago.  Because of this, they can only offer a settlement that covers your trip to the hospital, and none of the subsequent visits to your PCP or Physical Therapist.

This is not true.

Insurance adjusters are paid to find ways to get you to accept the least amount of money possible in order to make you and your claim go away.  Fortunately here in Maine case law is clear, Lovely v. Allstate Insurance Co. (1995) is the leading case on this matter.  If you are involved in an automobile accident that exacerbates or aggravates a pre-existing injury or condition, it is possible for you to receive compensation for that exacerbation or aggravation.

This is a powerful tool to use when trying to obtain fair compensation for your injuries.  But, it is not one that the insurance adjusters want you to know about.  Make sure that you know all the facts before accepting any settlement.




Hurt in an automobile accident? Things to consider.

Being involved in an automobile accident is stressful.  Your vehicle has been damaged, you may have been injured, and you are probably experiencing a range of emotions from anger at the person who hit you, to worrying about how you will get to work.  As unsettled a time as this is for you, there are a few basic things that you can do to make sure your rights are preserved:


1) Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

-Why?  Insurance companies may be asking you to sign various releases and settlement in the days or weeks after an accident, without proper legal counsel, you could jeopardize your ability to obtain a fair settlement or award.  Additionally, an attorney can help you identify important documentation that you should keep, the small things can matter!


2) Take photos of everything.

-This includes the vehicles involved, any bruises you have, the scene of the accident, skid marks, property damaged by the vehicles, etc.  Do NOT assume that the Police will take pictures, they often do not.  Remember, you can never have too much documentation.


3) If you decide to hire an attorney, shop around!

-All attorneys charge different fees.  Some attorneys will charge you for photo-copying, postage, phone calls, and email.  If the attorney doesn’t tell you up front what their fees are, ask them!



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